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Apple expands test to sell ads in Apple News

March 26, 2018 / Tim Peterson

Apple is expanding the number of publishers that can serve ads into their Apple News articles using Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers after testing the option last year, according to five publisher and industry executives. An Apple spokesperson declined to comment on the record. The DFP move lets publishers take the direct-ads sold on their own sites and plug them into Apple’s app. That has the potential to address publishers’ Apple News monetization problems. “We’re excited about the prospect of DFP,” said Mic publisher Cory Haik. “Apple has done a great job listening to publishers, and this looks like an opportunity to package and sell our journalism seamlessly.” “If we can run our DFP ads on Apple News, then Apple News becomes, for all practical purposes, an extension of our website,” said Daniel Hallac, chief product officer at New York Media. “We can monetize it in sort of the same ways we do on our owned-and-oper...