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What MRC Accreditation Actually Means for Facebook

April 05, 2018 / Lauren Johnson

Facebook is swimming in questions about how Cambridge Analytica improperly pulled data on millions of users, but it’s also trying to smooth over one rough area for advertisers: measurement. On Thursday, industry watchdog the Media Rating Council accredited Facebook to correctly report ad impressions on Facebook and Instagram after the first of three rounds of audits the company agreed to undergo in December 2016. The next two rounds involve calculating viewability, or how long an ad appears on a screen, through third-party vendors like comScore, Moat and Integral Ad Science, and rolling out a new buying system that uses the MRC’s definition of viewability. The move is another step for Facebook toward opening parts of its ad-buying platform for third-party, vetted measurement. Advertisers often complain that Facebook and so-called walled gardens grade their own homework, and the MRC’s standard aims to create a way for advertisers to measure reach across all media partn...