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Google expands its tool for publishers to combat ad blocking

April 16, 2018 / Lucia Moses

Google is expanding its tool for publishers to deal with ad-block software users. The tool, launched a year ago in the U.S and a handful of other markets, is expanding to 31 other countries in Europe and Canada, Google is announcing today. Called Funding Choices, the tool works by asking or requiring users to turn off their ad blockers after seeing a given number of articles. Publishers can serve a dismissible message; serve a message that requires ad blocker users to pay after viewing a certain number of articles; or block their access until they turn off their ad blocker or pay for an ad-free experience through another program called Google Contributor. Google takes a 10 percent cut when publishers collect revenue. More than 100 publishers in the U.S. and Europe are using Funding Choices, including Popular Mechanics and Business Insider UK, though it was designed with midsized newspapers in mind that meet Google’s standard for acceptable ads.