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Twitter bright spot: Big advertisers like its slate of live shows

April 18, 2018 / Kerry Flynn

Twitter is getting brands’ attention, not for the power of a viral moment but with its premium video offerings. Agencies have been praising Twitter’s video series, even as Facebook grows Watch and YouTube adds more subscription partners. Publishers are seeing more video views on Twitter, and in turn, advertisers are benefiting from their video ads and sponsorships. Twitter reported in February that some publishers have seen “record revenue” and had a 60 percent year-over-year increase in 2017 payout, including in-stream video ads (mid-roll and pre-roll ads and sponsorships), Periscope’s tipping platform Super Hearts and branded content shop Niche. “While it may not be on the same scale of other platforms, Twitter is traditionally a way to reach an audience that’s engaging a bit differently. If you want to own a certain topic or certain area of premium, Twitter has options,” said Jessica Richards, managing director of North America at Hava...