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How Snapchat is courting direct-response marketers

April 19, 2018 / Seb Joseph

Snapchat is making a bigger play for direct-response budgets, and brands are taking notice. Ad executives have noticed a change in tack when Snapchat pitches its ad business. The platform isn’t just interested in creative budgets, and its commercial team isn’t focused on using reach and impressions to sell ads. There’s more emphasis on how formats like videos and geofilters can be optimized to drive business goals, such as app installs and even sales in some cases. For Snapchat, chasing direct-response budgets is part of a wider play to get media planners to give it a permanent place on media plans. Snapchat has been courting media planners through its certified partner program, which is based on media spend, according to an ad buyer. Agencies are given virtual badges — gold, silver and bronze — based on how much they spend. The more budget they commit to Snapchat, the more support they get from its creative and development teams, the executive said. Direc...