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After years of chasing Facebook traffic, Mic goes for ‘deliberate distribution’

April 25, 2018 / Lucia Moses

The millennial-aimed Mic has represented just about every digital media trend since it started seven years ago, distributing as far and wide on platforms as possible by chasing viral hits and then video views with its woke brand of social justice journalism, fueled by $21 million in venture funding. But now, with platforms left and right disappointing publishers with failures to deliver reliable traffic and monetization, Mic is preaching the new gospel of “deliberate distribution.” The shift has taken a few forms. Cory Haik, Mic’s publisher, said she’s taken a more systematic approach to platforms, working with evp of revenue Sarah Iooss, who joined Mic last August from Viacom, to evaluate how much effort to spend on them. Haik, who published a manifesto a couple years ago pronouncing the rise of visual journalism, said she’s banned use of the term “growth hacker” and has a new term for her mantra of the moment: “deliberate distribution.&...