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To identify unsafe content, YouTube tries asking creators to rate their own videos

April 24, 2018 / Tim Peterson

YouTube is asking creators themselves to help identify videos that aren’t brand-safe. YouTube gave them a questionnaire to fill out when uploading a video that declares what inappropriate content the video may include. YouTube tested the self-certification questionnaire with 15 creators, but said it plans to expand the test to a few hundred more creators soon. YouTube will use the questionnaire to see if it helps identify which videos shouldn’t not carry ads and mitigate cases of videos being mistakenly demonetized, by reinforcing its human reviewers’ and computer systems’ ability to classify inappropriate content. The eight-question form tries to identify videos that contain inappropriate content and also their context, with options that are more nuanced than a simple yes or no. For example, creators can say if the profanity is used in a “non-hateful, comedic, or artistic manner” or is used in the context of a documentary or news clip. If the profan...