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Google Bans Bail Bond Services From Advertising on Its Platform

May 09, 2018 / Josh Sternberg

In a blog post on Monday, Google took a bite out of bail bond services. The company announced that starting in July, it will prohibiting ads from bail bond service companies across all of its platforms. “Studies show that for-profit bail bond providers make most of their revenue from communities of color and low income neighborhoods when they are at their most vulnerable, including through opaque financing offers that can keep people in debt for months or years,” the company wrote in the post. “We made this decision based on our commitment to protect our users from deceptive or harmful products.” Bail is the amount of money that acts as insurance between the court and the defendant. A judge sets the amount, and the defendant typically will get a bail bond to help secure release. About 500,000 Americans are held in jail because they can’t post their set bail, according to law experts Jessica Pishko and Jessica Brand—and most of this number are incarce...