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YouTube shrugs off brand-safety worries, touts quality ‘advertising-friendly’ content

May 03, 2018 / Kerry Flynn

With its brand safety crisis persisting, YouTube used its Brandcast this year to expand Google Preferred, the network for advertising against top-performing videos, to cable TV shows, music videos and live events. As part of its seventh annual NewFront, YouTube opened YouTube TV to Google Preferred so advertisers can buy against TV channels on the monthly subscription service with Google AdWords and DoubleClick Bid Manager. Music videos from partners like Universal, Sony and Vevo are now available on Google Preferred as well as live music events. YouTube also renewed its contract with Coachella to exclusively livestream the music festival for the next three years, chief business officer Robert Kyncl said.  Google has bolstered Google Preferred with human reviewers so advertisers “can trust every video that your ad runs on meeting advertising-friendly guidelines,” YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said. YouTube also brought Deanie Elsner, president of Kellogg’s snacks di...