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Marketers see GDPR paring their email lists but improving results

May 18, 2018 / Ilyse Liffreing

The looming General Data Protection Regulation deadline means companies are overwhelming people’s inboxes with emails, with the goal to get as many people as possible to opt in. Some companies are using the opportunity to get crafty — sending offers and exclusive content in emails to incentivize people to choose to continue getting messages. While tactics like these might keep some customers from falling off of a company’s radar, it’s far more likely that by the time the deadline hits on May 25, companies will have already lost a good deal of their email subscribers. But that might not be entirely a bad thing. Although email marketing is a top revenue driver, marketers say being drained of email subscribers who don’t really want to receive communications is a good thing in the long run. Higher open rates mean higher delivery rates, which should translate into better results. In its own way, GDPR is forcing marketers (and publishers, for that matter) to und...