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A clone of Facebook’: Snapchat’s beta test of its reach and frequency tool is helping media buys

May 16, 2018 / Kerry Flynn

‘Facebook’s copying of Snapchat has contributed to the latter’s downfall. Now, it’s Snapchat’s turn to borrow from Facebook’s playbook. Snapchat launched a reach and frequency tool in April that allows marketers to buy Snap ads for a set CPM if planned in advance, akin to TV buying. Facebook started beta testing its tool in early 2014 and launched it later that year. Each system helps advertisers better evaluate how much they will spend to reach a particular audience for a campaign. Advertisers can limit the number of times a user is shown an ad in the hope of increasing the quality of the campaign. Snap’s latest earnings report failed to impress the stock market, as the company missed revenue estimates and projected a slowdown in ad revenue growth. As Snap grows its programmatic offering, its ad prices have been falling and contributing to less revenue. This reach and frequency tool could help reverse that trend. “100 percent yes [it hel...