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Oracle-owned Grapeshot launches a contextual targeting solution for video ads

May 18, 2018 / Barry Levine

Called Video Context, it employs automated transcriptions from video content’s audio tracks to categorize the video for instream ad placement. Contextual intelligence provider Grapeshot, whose purchase by Oracle was announced last month, is out this week with a new solution for targeting ads inside video. Called Video Context, it turns the audio track of video content into text, and then analyzes that text to categorize the content. Then, that categorization is embedded into a video player, so that a video advertiser knows the video content categories before sending a video ad to play inside the content video. For instance, if a publisher creates a two-minute video about the battery life in electric cars, Video Context analyzes the audio-to-text transcription of that story to automatically categorize it. Then, that categorization is made available to advertisers, who know that they would best deploy an ad about, say, premium tires rather than one about diapers. SVP of Product And...