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Google Makes Changes to its Ad Offerings, Launches New Ad Extension to Increase Advertising ROI

June 29, 2018 / Sonali Datta

Google Ads for Small and Medium Businesses is meant to help SMBs in two major ways: Smart Campaigns and Click Identifier. Smart Campaigns involves creating real-time AI-powered ad campaigns for the users (SMBs) based on their business goals, like increasing store footfall, increased website visitors, more phone calls from customers etc. Smart campaigns fine-tune the ads and the content to ensure that owners meet their business goals faster and easier. The newly introduced ad extension named Google Ads Click Identifier will enable B2B advertisers to get detailed access to contact information about the businesses that have clicked on their ad campaigns. This will contain lead information like business name, key employee contact details, email information and those that are viewed over last 12 months. For B2C advertisers, the extension will identify the exact keywords and ads that were clicked by visitors. Advertisers will now have a broader view of their prospective customers across sear...