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Are Your Social Media Updates Truly About Sharing, or About Your Ego?

July 08, 2018 / Liz Wainger

Recently, when meeting with a client, I made an offhand comment that someone is never too old to be a mentee and never to young to be a mentor. Then I said, “That would make a good tweet”, and tweet I did, with some positive response. Afterward, I began to ponder how strange our world is these days. Our conversations and our actions have become less about connecting with someone, and more about fodder for tweets, blog posts and videos. We put ourselves on display in the name of connection and engagement - but is our online presence really more about our image and vanity? Our addiction to sharing has created a whole generation of “image mongers” whose every interaction, every meeting, every meal, every vacation is either an opportunity to unburden themselves, or to tell the world how wonderful they are. And while there can be benefits to this, it's not always positive, or healthy.