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Why advertisers must use next generation mobile technology responsibly

July 23, 2018 / Neil Johnson

In advance of each iteration of a manufacturer’s smartphone, speculation is rife as to what new technology will be included and how this will enhance our lives. What is clear from the range of smartphones that are currently available, along with predictions about future models, is that screen size is a critical way to gain a competitive advantage. Big screens, small handsets Apple’s most recent model, the iPhone X introduced features such as facial recognition to unlock the device that eliminated the need for a home button and fingerprint scanner. This allowed for a larger screen, without increasing the size of the handset. As mobile devices become ever more intertwined into modern lifestyles, developments like this are hardly surprising. Bigger screens should make everyday activities easier. (Zenith’s Media Consumption Forecasts, published earlier this year, indicated that mobile internet use will account for 26% of global media consumption in 2019, up from 19% in 20...