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Facebook’s Watch Party Feature Is Now Available to All Groups Worldwide

July 25, 2018 / David Cohen

Facebook began testing its Watch Party feature in January, enabling members of a group to view videos together Live or recorded comment on them and react to them. On Wednesday, the social network announced that Watch Party is available to all groups worldwide. Two new features are also being introduced to ease some of the burdens on group administrators and moderators, who were responsible for choosing which videos to add to Watch Parties while the feature was being tested. Co-hosting allows the host of a Watch Party to add co-hosts, who, in turn, can add videos to the list and keep the Watch Party going. And Crowdsourcing enables anyone in a Watch Party to suggest videos for the host to add. Product manager Erin Connolly also revealed in a blog post that Facebook is now testing the ability for people to start to Watch Parties with friends outside of groups, as well as the addition of Watch Parties to pages, writing, “We believe that if people can start a Watch Party directly fro...