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Google Expands Featured Snippet

August 02, 2018 / Roger Montti

Google appears to have expanded its Featured Snippets to include Google Suggest navigational buttons. This function was previously announced in January. When a user enters a vague search query for which there are more nuanced variations, the featured snippets will now show navigational “chiclets” style buttons that help users navigate to a more specific response. This kind of featured snippets appears to be appearing in more searches. The navigational buttons appear to be an extension of the Google Suggest feature. It’s like having search suggestions in a navigational element. As you can see, there are Google Suggest buttons that clarify the search for how to zip a file on a Mac, in Linux, on Windows and so on. But if a search for how to catch trout, without engaging the suggestions in the drop down, Google provides the featured snippets with the Google Suggest navigational buttons.