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How to Realize the Promise of SEO

August 02, 2018 / Alex Valencia

SEO can be a deceptively long process. Some of our clients feel like success is right there for the taking just a few magical tricks away. They can picture their content ranking at the top of Google for even the most competitive keywords in extremely competitive industries. But, in reality, they’re a long way away from realizing your goal. Why? Because they love the promise more than the process. There are no shortcuts to game the system (i.e., your body) unless you’re OK with taking serious health risks.
You need to have a plan and stick to it. That means exercising, eating right, and pushing yourself to continuously improve naturally. So I was quite surprised recently on a monthly call to learn that one of my large clients was impatient with the SEO process. How does someone so successful and one who typically follows a process for the promise of more clients and cases not understand and love and respect the SEO process? You can’t get to the promise without g...