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Amazon Alexa’s new ‘Answer Update’ feature will notify you when Alexa learns something new

August 06, 2018 / Sarah Perez

Amazon confirmed it’s rolling out a new feature called “Answer Update” to Alexa device users over the next week, which will notify users when Alexa learns the answer to a question the assistant didn’t know when first asked. The idea is to allow people to better take advantage of Alexa’s quickly improving Knowledge Graph its informational database containing general knowledge facts and figures that Alexa uses to answer users’ questions. The feature was first spotted by Voicebot, which said they were prompted to enable the feature after listening to some information a news item. Alexa then asked if the user wanted to enable “Answer Updates.” When asked what this was, Alexa replied that she could notify the user later if she learned the answer to a question. Typically, Alexa would have simply declined to answer the question when she didn’t know an answer, saying something like “I don’t know that, but I’m always learni...