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Google My Business Insights Show How Posts from Pages are Performing

August 06, 2018 / Matt Southern

Google My Business has begun offering insights related to how posts from GMB pages are performing From the Posts tab, located in the Google My Business dashboard, users can view insights for. Post insights show the number of views, clicks, and how those metrics have changed over a period of time.
Metrics are shown in a rolling period of the last 7 or 28 days and can have a delay of up to 3 days. Users can dig deeper into their post insights to see data about individual posts as well. Percent change will not be shown in the summary if any of the following occurs: Your posts received no views.
You don’t have any posts. Your percentage change is over 99.99%. Google My Business Post Insights is now available to everyone using GMB on a desktop browser or the mobile website. Post insights are not available on the GMB app.