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Google Rankings Dropped? How to Evaluate with Raters Guidelines

August 09, 2018 / Roger Montti

The quality raters guidelines provide insights into what improvements can be made to a web page to help it rank better. It is not a step by step guide. However, Google’s Danny Sullivan encouraged publishers to read it for ideas on how to build a better experience for users and ultimately to improve rankings. Google’s Danny Sullivan remarked that sites that dropped positions in the August Broad Core Update cannot fix themselves out of lost rankings. Yet he also encouraged site publishers to read the Google Quality Raters Guidelines to better understand how to rank better in Google’s algorithm. The first statement discourages hope. The second statement lights a way to better rankings, seemingly contradicting the first statement. After every update (and so-called Phantom update), the SEO industry focuses on finding “quality” issues to fix. These quality issues are consistently thin content, excessive advertising, site speed and poor inbound links. The usual s...