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How to Use Video Storytelling to Maximize Brand Success

August 12, 2018 / Stanley Meytin

n 2005, two women decided that they wanted working out to feel less like work. They shared ideas, settled on one, and set up a small location in Manhattan. They handed out flyers on the street and hoped to find others who could identify with their story. Thirteen years later, their company is worth over $112 billion and has an almost religious following across the country. This is the story of SoulCycle - two women with similar ideals, attracting thousands of other people with their own connection to the same lifestyle. SoulCycle now uses that united story to visually brand itself by sharing videos on its social media profiles. Their videos don’t feature beautifully toned trainers like their parent company Equinox - instead, SoulCycle captures actual people who have experienced the company’s programming. SoulCycle allows potential customers to hear stories from people just like them. And while this story was always part of SoulCycle's business, it wasn’t until the...