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Is it time to break up Amazon.com? Here’s how it gets done

August 13, 2018 / ANGELO YOUNG

Let’s get this over with first: It’s an understatement to say consumers love shopping on Amazon.com.
Year after year, the 23-year-old e-commerce, and cloud computing behemoth rank near the top in the emotional connections a company has with its customers. In another survey, it beats even Apple as the most well-liked tech brand. More than 100 million Amazon Prime subscribers worldwide helped the company generate more than $160 billion in net sales last year. Amazon.com is now the top destination for product searches, beating Google at its own game. Amazon and its third-party sellers (from whom Amazon collects fees and commissions) are expected to capture 49 percent of the massive U.S. retail e-commerce market by the end of the year. Now that we’ve addressed this American consumer love affair “the Everything Store,” let’s look at some of the problems some people have with the Amazon Way.