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5 Surprising Ways Great Content & PPC Can Help Each Other

August 15, 2018 / Kristopher Jones

When it comes to improving your PPC campaigns, you’ve heard all the advice. Focus on improving quality score and click-through rates. Optimize your account structure. Use negative keywords. And while those are all valid tactics that can work, there’s one thing that rarely (if ever) comes up as a way to improve your PPC campaign: Great content. I know what you’re thinking. How can great content benefit your PPC campaign? That would be like saying buying Google Ads improves your organic search ranking, right? Not only do I believe that quality content can benefit paid media, but I also think that paid promotion is a great way to drive exposure to your content. Keep reading to learn how you can use content marketing to improve your PPC performance, and vice-versa. Then, I’ll share four actionable tactics for creating high-performance PPC ad campaigns to maximize your content ROI.