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Facebook and NYU Using AI to Speed Up MRIs

August 21, 2018 / Medgadget

Facebook, under criticism for its business practices, seems to be branching off into other industries including medicine. Case in point is a partnership with NYU School of Medicine’s Department of Radiology to develop artificial intelligence (AI) tools to improve how fast MRIs can be performed. Currently, a simple scan of a knee can take up to a half hour to perform. This is compared to only a few minutes, or even seconds, for X-rays and CT scanners. Part of the problem is the enormous amounts of data that MRI machines generate. The more data, the better the picture, but also more time is required to render this data into a high-quality image. The Facebook/NYU partnership is working to minimize the amount of data that is captured, instead of relying on computers to reconstruct the image from imperfect inputs. If this is successful, we may see a 10x reduction in scan times, which would lead to lower costs for MRIs and a much greater utilization of these machines for medical applic...