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A majority of U.S. teens are taking steps to limit smartphone and social media use

August 24, 2018 / Sarah Perez

It’s not just parents who are worrying about their children’s device usage. According to a new study released by Pew Research Center this week, U.S. teens are now taking steps to limit themselves from overuse of their phone and its addictive apps, like social media. A majority, 54% of teens, said they spend too much time on their phone, and nearly that many 52% said they are trying to limit their phone use in various ways. In addition, 57% say they’re trying to limit social media usage and 58% are trying to limit video games. The fact that older children haven’t gotten a good handle on balanced smartphone usage points to a failure on both parents’ parts and the responsibilities of technology companies to address the addictive nature of our devices. For years, instead of encouraging the more moderate use of smartphones, as the tools they’re meant to be, app makers took full advantage of smartphones’ always-on nature to continually send streams o...