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Mobile First Google Indexing

August 30, 2018 / Rachel Hand

Google has released that the mobile version of content will be prioritized over the desktop for indexing and ranking. Therefore, any sites that are not optimized for mobile will struggle to rank on the SERPs.This change has not happened overnight. In fact, it began in November last year when Google began ranking sites lower if they were not built for mobile. Many companies saw a dramatic loss in organic traffic and therefore decreased sales and inquiries due to the Google update. This latest indexing announcement just solidifies the change further. A clear correlation has come about between higher sales and better, quicker optimized mobile pages. This means an increased number of unique visitors, purely because customer experience online is a positive one. This then generates higher conversions and reduced abandoned basket rates. Bad news for any sites that are not mobile first, they will make way for other competitors that are ahead of the game and have updated their site to comply wi...