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YouTube Users Can See How Much Time They’ve Spent Watching Videos

August 30, 2018 / Matt Southern

In an effort to improve the “digital wellbeing” of its users, Google is introducing a new set of tools to YouTube. These tools are designed to help users take charge of the amount of time they spend on YouTube. YouTube viewers can become more informed about the time they spend watching videos, and implement measures to limit their viewing time if need be. From the account menu, users can see how much time they’ve spent watching YouTube videos. This data includes only actual watch time, not the total amount of time spent on YouTube. This is important for those who also use YouTube as a creator.
Watch time is broken down into total time watched today, yesterday, the past 7 days, and a daily average. Users who feel they’re spending too much time watching videos can set a personal reminder to take a break. From the settings menu, users can specify an amount of time after which they would like to receive a break reminder.