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Twitter brings Bookmarks to the web with a new design, now in testing

September 07, 2018 / Sarah Perez

Twitter is testing a new experience for web users, the company announced in a tweet on Thursday. A small number of Twitter users will see the updated version of Twitter for the web, which will include access to Twitter’s Bookmarks feature, and scrolling through Twitter’s Explore section, the tweet said and a spokesperson confirmed. However, Business Insider grabbed screenshots of the opt-in pop-up that appears when you’re invited to test the revamped website, which promises other features like night mode, data saver and more. These are not necessarily “new” features through Twitter rolled out its dark-themed “Night Mode” to the web client a year ago. The differences appear to be more subtle, as it turns out. For example, Night Mode is now a toggle switch, as is Data Saver, instead of an option to click on from your settings menu. Trends also shifted from one side of the home page to the other, underneath the “Who to follow” suggesti...