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Google is Testing Images With Sitelinks in Mobile Search Results

September 19, 2018 / Matt Southern

Google is testing a new way of displaying mobile search results by displaying images alongside site links. This test was revealed in a report by CNBC which takes a deep dive into how Google Search works. The larger image thumbnail in the search snippet is not new, as Google has been displaying those in mobile search results for at least the past couple of years. What we’ve not seen before are images next to site links at the bottom of the snippet. I couldn’t replicate this feature, which would indicate it’s still in testing. NBC’s report goes on to state that the screenshot above was provided as an example of changes Google’s quality raters are asked to evaluate. In this case, Google’s quality raters are asked if they believe the addition of images next to sitelinks helped them understand the results. According to data collected so far, quality raters found the images to be useful 91 percent of the time.