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Facebook Lets Pages Post Pre-Recorded “Live” Videos

October 03, 2018 / Matt Southern

Facebook is making its ‘Premieres’ feature available to everyone, which allows pages to publish pre-recorded video as “live” content. This will let pages debut a recorded piece of content with all the perks that come with streaming a live video. Some of those perks include being featured prominently in the news feeds of people who like the page, as well as live interaction between viewers. Depending on users’ notification settings, the Facebook app may send alerts to notify users that a page has gone “live.”
Premieres are also eligible for distribution in Facebook Watch, which means people who don’t already like a page may discover its video. Pages can also take advantage of features that aren’t ordinarily supported by regular live videos. For example, Premieres can use the monetization tools that are available for recorded videos, such as ad breaks and branded content.