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Google on Dealing with Low Traffic Pages

October 05, 2018 / Roger Montti

On a Webmaster Hangout, John Mueller offered advice on whether it was helpful to prune low traffic content. This topic is related to what the SEO industry calls Keyword Cannibalization and also Content Cannibalization. Google’s John Mueller offered insights into internal discussions at Google about content pruning. He then offered two solutions. The question asked was whether it was worth it in terms of SEO to prune content that was not performing. By “performing,” the questioner clarified that he meant content that was not receiving traffic. He also clarified that it was researched content that was not adding value to site visitors. The person asking the question did not mention the concept of content cannibalization. But the outlines of what he was asking conforms to the theory. More on that below. John Mueller suggested that pruning content was just one approach. There are other strategies to use as well.