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LinkedIn rebuilds its Recruiter platform, launches tracking system and gender ‘insights’ in diversity push

October 11, 2018 / Ingrid Lunden

We’ve been chronicling how LinkedIn,  now owned by Microsoft, has built out tools and services it provides on its platform to capitalize on the fact that it now has nearly 600 million registered professional profiles and is a go-to for people looking to network and look for work in the white-collar world (these have included online learning, CRM solutions, business intelligence, and most recent employee engagement). The latest chapter in that story comes from its recruitment business, where the company is today announcing a big overhaul. The Recruiter platform has been completely rebuilt, and along with that, LinkedIn is launching a new product to help employers manage the sourcing, interviewing and hiring of candidates. LinkedIn is also making a foray into how it can help businesses improve their diversity, by allowing recruiters to assess the gender proportions in a pool of candidates.