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Twitter says it has removed several accounts affiliated with Infowars and Alex Jones

October 23, 2018 / Catherine Shu

Twitter has cleared more Infowars related accounts off its platform. The company told CNN today that it permanently suspended 18 accounts affiliated with the far-right website, known for spreading misinformation and conspiracy theories, on Monday after “numerous violations and warnings.” It added the removals were in addition to five Infowars affiliated accounts that had been already been banned.
Alex Jones and Infowars, which he launched in 1999, had their accounts permanently suspended by Twitter last month, one of the last major social media platforms to do so. Infowars, however, had been using affiliated accounts to get around the ban and promote its content, according to a Daily Beast report last week. These included the accounts of Infowars’ “Real News” show, the Infowars store (which sells Jones’ line of dietary supplements) and “News Wars,” which promoted videos by Infowars. All of these accounts and several others were men...