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‘Google a decade ago’: Buyers still have gripes about Amazon advertising

October 25, 2018 / Shareen Pathak

For a $3 billion ad business, with Citibank projecting it to reach $50 billion in the next decade, Amazon is still failing at many of the basics, according to ad buyers, with common complaints around slow and rudimentary tools and dashboards, case studies and robust sales support for buyers. Those with a longer view recall the growing pains of Google and Facebook, taking the pain points in stride, but Amazon’s sheer size causes some ad buyers to simply expect more. As one buyer put it, “With Amazon, there’s a higher expectation.” The first point of contention is how the tools themselves work on the backend. Two buyers, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they’re both in tests with Amazon, said that systems overall remain redundant. For example, vendors and sellers see different data for ad campaigns, even though they’re competing for ad space in the same location.