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Facebook Launches a New API for Marketers to Understand Ad-Failure

October 30, 2018 / VIRAJ T

The failure of advertisement delivery is every marketer’s nightmare and a leaking hole in the ROI vessel. The problem gets complicated further when advertising is published on globally leading digital ad-platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. The stakes are too high and brands channelize a substantial amount of money in their ad-spend, especially on popular platforms. Facebook understands this and has released the ‘Marketing API, v3.2,’ to give powerful insights to marketers about why an advertisement did not deliver/run. The new API will alert advertisers if an ad fails to deliver and provide multitudes of insights on what exactly happened? The API comes equipped with an ‘ads run’ status that details error codes about the defunct advertisement. This appears to be a practical solution for brands to be in full control of their advertising campaigns. Troubleshooting of the error codes coming out of the API can help in fixing ads and re-running them in no ...