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Advertising Fraud Falls Flat When Faced With Transparency: How Can Blockchain Help?

November 22, 2018 / Darryn Pollock

The expansion of the digital realm has been fuelled by digital advertising, but increasing numbers of internet users are the reason this fuel exists. As the global audience has moved behind their computer screens, brands, companies, and services have followed, using digital aids to hone their engagement. The problem is even though advertising online can be far more niche and focused, it can also be falsified and fraudulent. Those companies looking to advertise digitally are paying for certain levels of engagement, seeking numbers which they pay dearly for. However, being online means that there is a multitude of ways in which these numbers can be falsified and fraudulently submitted. Ad farms, pixel stuffing, botnets, and stacking are all tools of the advertising fraudsters who are looking to exploit a system lacking in transparency.