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Centriply Creates Common Ground for TV Ad Campaigns, with Data-Driven and Location-Based Audience Buying

November 28, 2018 / MTS STAFF WRITER

There are two adages in life “Timing is everything.” and “Location, location, location.”  The Targeted TV specialist Centriply, announced its new updated martech platform, TangoGEO2.0 taps into both. Creating common ground for media by combining the many layers of TV and digital video impressions. Achieving unmatched scale by using the impact of broadcast, the reach of cable and the performance of OTT/Addressable to support each other for planning and buying airtime. Recently upgraded, TangoGEO2.0 visualizes cross-screen planning of TV options together, including network, market, hyper-local, and household level impressions, achieving a pivotal goal of DSPs. It’s automated, data-driven audience buying and location targeting, for a unique Targeted TV marketing solution.