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YouTube drops paywall from some Originals, explores advertising

December 03, 2018 / Robin Kurzer

In a strategic about-face last week, YouTube announced it will drop the paywall from its Originals programming and make the shows available on the free ad-supported platform with 2 billion users.
Until now, only consumers paying for the subscription-based YouTube Premium service, available in 29 countries, could see most of YouTube’s original programming. In 2018, YouTube launched more than 50 scripted and unscripted shows. The details are still being worked out, but in the short term, some of the programs will remain subscription-based while some will become ad-supported. That means potential advertiser opportunities in the form of sponsorships or new ad inventory against the ad-supported Originals. We’ve learned that new sponsorship opportunities and new inventory that may become available in Google Preferred are some of the options currently on the table. Google Preferred is an advertising program that lets marketers buy ads upfront on YouTube’s top-performi...