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TikTok, a Chinese video app, brings fun back to social media

December 04, 2018 / Kevin Roose

About an hour after downloading TikTok, the popular video-sharing app, I experienced a bizarre sensation, one I haven’t felt in a long time while on the internet. The knot in my chest loosened, my head felt injected with helium, and the corners of my mouth crept upward into a smile. There are no ads. There’s no news unless you count learning about viral dance crazes. There are few preening Instagram models hawking weight-loss tea, and a distinct lack of crazy uncles posting Infowars clips. Instead, TikTok a Chinese-made app that was known as Musical.ly until ByteDance, the Chinese internet conglomerate, acquired the company in 2017 and merged it with a video app it owned has a simple premise. Users create short videos set to music, often lip-synching along, dancing or acting out short skits. The app contains templates and visual effects to spice up the videos. There is also a live streaming feature that allows users to send virtual “gifts” to their favorite crea...