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Pharma Companies Look to the Future of Advertising With Social Media Influencers

December 05, 2018 / Sasha Mortimer

Social media influencers are certainly nothing new. People who have managed to garner a large following on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the like have quite a bit of pull within said following. These “microcelebrities” are now a subject of interest for pharmaceutical companies who are looking for new ways to advertise their products. The idea being, these people have enough clout on social media that it’s the next best thing to having a fully-fledged celebrity endorse your product. However, there are a lot more nuances to this new form of marketing than it might appear at first. There is a lot of skepticism surrounding this idea regarding how well it actually works. Not to mention, not everyone is happy about the idea of the patients themselves being used for advertising.