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Should advertising be allowed in schools?

December 05, 2018 / Eddie White

I recall a little of how advertising made its way into cricket. My dad was a Yorkshireman and mad for the sport. The only time I ever broke a window was playing cricket in my front garden, the ball shattering the living room glazing. My dad, never the calmest of people, yelled “SIX” out of the newly-destroyed window with pride in his voice, and held up his two index fingers in the iconic umpire’s sign. There was already evidence of logos on bats and helmets, and tobacco companies were starting to sponsoring some cricket leagues. My dad died in 1990 just before it started to get too obvious. The idea that unsullied white trousers with a hint of red from rubbing the ball on the leg – that classic cricket image – is now limited to test matches would have made him mad.