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Film Marketers Need to Stop Wasting Time and Money Advertising to People Who Don’t Care About Their Movies

November 07, 2018 / Ric Elert

When it comes to the movie box office, bright spots like Ralph Breaks the Internet, Creed II and A Star Are Born are lifting the spirits and fortunes of Hollywood studios. It is much-needed good news as theater attendance continues to decline. In the U.S. and Canada, fewer people went to the movies in 2017 than any year since 1992, leading to a 5.8 percent decline in theater admissions. To reverse the box office decline, studios must change the way they launch and market new releases. Consider this: about one-quarter of the U.S. and Canadian population never goes to the movie theater, yet the lion’s share of movie promotion budgets are still allocated to mass media that reaches the broadest possible audience without any personalization or individually tailored messaging. Put another way, studios are wasting valuable advertising dollars on approximately 90 million people who are not receptive.