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Advertisers to increase digital marketing spend next year

November 07, 2018 / Ding Yining

Nearly 80 percent of advertisers intend to increase their digital marketing expenditure in the coming year, according to a recent survey by marketing data technology company AdMaster.   The average anticipated budget increase from a year ago will be around 20 percent, compared to 18 percent and 17 percent over the past two years respectively.  As many as 81 percents of advertisers specifically plan to spend more on social media platforms, higher than the 71 percent recorded in the past year, according to the online survey conducted between October and November this year.  Mobile platforms will continue to gain traction, with 81 percent of respondents planning to increase an average of 21 percent of advertising budget in 2019, while spending on computer desktop websites will remain almost unchanged only 11 percent of advertisers plan to increase spending there.  Mobile social sites, video platforms, and e-commerce apps will be favorable formats for mobile advert...