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Youth internship scheme failing despite $2.5m advertising blitz

December 15, 2018 / Luke Henriques

The government’s youth internship scheme is failing to attract participants and businesses at a staggering rate, despite a $2.5m advertising blitz. Having promised 30,000 internships a year for young job seekers, documents provided to the Senate by the Department of Jobs and Small Business reveal only 4,785 internships were completed in the first 18 months of the $250m program. The department also confirmed it had no employment target for the low-paying scheme which unions argue equates to roughly $4 an hour for participants. Businesses receive $1,000 for each intern they host, but the department revealed only 3,645 businesses have so far taken part, well short of the 18,000-20,000 it needs to attract to hit 30,000 interns a year.