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NYT report on Facebook’s data deals won’t sway advertisers, say media buyers

December 19, 2018 / Ginny Marvin

Late Tuesday, the New York Times reported more details on the varying data access deals Facebook had struck with dozens of other large tech companies, such as Microsoft’s Bing, Netflix, Spotify, and Apple.
Facebook’s response, from Director of Developer Platforms and Programs Konstantinos Papamiltiadis, didn’t address some of most sensitive details and said there’s nothing new here — that these have been public, that users gave permission when they signed in to partner services with their Facebook accounts (highly debatable) and that most of the features provided through the partnerships are “now gone” anyway. Another day, another Facebook privacy scandal. There has been little indication that the seemingly endless stream of privacy scandals embroiling Facebook over the past two years has done anything to pushed advertisers away from the platform. Will this latest news cause advertisers to reconsider their ad spend on Facebook? We asked ...