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Improve SEO with ‘Audience Insights’ in Google Ads

January 04, 2019 / BILL SEBALD

What if you could use information about your existing customers to obtain new ones? That’s the purpose of Audience Insights in Google Ads. It helps businesses find new prospects based on current customer data. Audience Insights uses data from your Google Ads’ remarketing lists. Audience Insights can provide helpful details about the people on those lists. For example, advertisers using conversion tracking can turn to Audience Insights to find prospects related to your “All Converters” remarketing list i.e., buyers. With the details from this report, marketers can expand their targeting or adjust ad bids to reach these high-performing audiences. It’s important to know that the Audience Insights report does not appear by default advertisers must activate it. And it’s only available to Google Ads’ advertisers with remarketing campaigns. The “insights” come from an advertiser’s remarketing contacts.