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Saga overhauls advertising in bid to become member-led organisation

January 08, 2019 / Charlotte Rogers

Saga is hoping to surge forward in 2019 with a bold, “more confident” approach to its marketing strategy, amid plans to invest more in its brand over the next year than ever before. This fresh creative approach kicks off in its travel business, as Saga hopes to cut through the crowded New Year holiday booking market with a new campaign tapping into the adventurous spirit and passion of its travelers. Positioned around ‘The World is Waiting to Meet You’ tagline, the campaign, devised with creative agency VCCP, flips the concept of bringing memories back from your holiday by looking at the mark Saga customers leave behind on the places and people they meet. At the heart of the campaign are three 30-second TV adverts shot in Mongolia, Norway, and Spain featuring locals reminiscing about the Saga customers they met during their travels.