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Turner is using AT&T’s subscriber data to sell targeted TV ads with Xandr

January 08, 2019 / Tim Peterson

In the lead-up to and in the wake of AT&T’s acquisition of Time Warner, the telecom giant’s executives talked a lot about the potential of combining the AT&T’s subscriber data with Turner’s advertising inventory to sell more targeted ads on traditional TV. Now, AT&T is doing more than talking. Turner and AT&T’s advertising business Xander have started using AT&T’s subscriber data to sell targeted ads on Turner’s linear TV networks and its digital properties. The sibling companies are also collaborating on running Turner’s branded content campaigns across Xander's addressable TV inventory. Turner’s initial work with Xander represents the early steps that AT&T is taking to both rival the digital ad duopoly of Facebook and Google, and to create more parity between how TV and digital advertising are bought and sold. For its part, Turner has spent the past several years trying to get TV advertisers to adopt th...