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Dealers boost reach through improved Facebook ads

January 30, 2019 / ellisdavies

Facebook is providing car dealerships with an improved form of advertising through its automotive inventory ads. The ads have been upgraded to allow dealerships to reach move prospective buyers by taking into account visits to other auto and dealer-related Facebook pages, website and apps. According to a recent Facebook IQ survey, 63% of car buyers discover new vehicles online. Previously, dealers could use Facebook’s automotive inventory ads to re-engage people who visited their website or app. With this expansion, dealerships can now reach more potential customers who have expressed interest in purchasing a vehicle online. The ads work by allowing dealers to upload their car inventory with details such as make, model, year and location. Facebook then automatically generates tailored ads that show the most relevant vehicles to the right audiences. For example, if someone has visited a car-related Facebook Page, but has not yet visited the dealership’s website, the website ...